Tuning into the Christ frequency, part 1

In our church, we begin each service with a period I call “Tuning.” This is a couple of minutes for us to quiet our minds and center our thoughts on actively tuning into the ever-present energy of God that permeates the universe (because God is the universe). It is a time for us to consciously experience our Oneness with God. It sets the tone and stage for our entire experience, which we call “Connecting with the Infinite “ rather than “Worship”. I don’t think God needs to be worshipped. That’s an idea from a time when people thought every disaster and every blessing was directly caused by a superbeing living on a mountain or floating on a throne in heaven.

Our task as spiritual beings is not to worship a superbeing—it’s to connect with the essence of the universe, God. That connection is transformative for both us and the reality in which we find ourselves. That transformation happens by consciously tuning into God, who doesn’t judge and doesn’t cause disasters, but rather, simply and patiently sends out love and invites us to connect. We are built to resonate with the love of the universe, the way a tuning fork is built to resonate at a certain frequency.

Tuning forks work by resonating at a constant pitch after they are set vibrating. It turns out that everything that appears solid to us is also vibrating at a certain frequency. The furniture you’re sitting on while reading this seems solid, but it is actually full of atomic particles vibrating at frequencies so high we cannot perceive them physically. The furniture is held together by a principle known as “intermolecular forces,” which is why your chair doesn’t suddenly melt into an oozing pool of goo. That’s also why we don’t melt into an oozing pool of goo, by the way. It’s also why we are capable of tuning into different frequencies. We are the physical construct of the frequency of God.

Humans are giant tuning forks. We have the ability to tune into the music of the universe, the voice of God, the being of God. Like everything else that exists, we are a mass of submolecular vibrating particles. Unlike many other things that exist though, we have the ability to consciously affect the frequencies at which we vibrate. There are many ways to change our vibrational frequency: food, alcohol, drugs. These are all temporary affecters of our tuning, though (and they all have the potential to be disastrously harmful, even kill us). There are better, more permanent ways to change our frequency and stay more tuned into the higher vibrations of the universe—the Christ frequency. Prayer and meditation are the obvious, traditional methods of tuning, which is why we begin church this way. Reading things that inspire us (and inspirational texts might be history and science as much as spiritual works), and perhaps most importantly, by serving brothers and sisters in need, are also powerful and permanent tuning techniques.

In seminary, I have run into resistance to the idea that humans can (and in fact are meant to) tune into the Christ frequency—you know, the way Jesus did. It puts some of the onus for spiritual development on us, and I am told that, ”Scripture makes it clear we are helpless and hopeless. Only God can do the work of leading us out of sin.” I think that is old-fashioned malarkey that misses the analogies the authors of the Jesus stories were attempting to convey. No. We are not helpless. That’s a copout. We are powerful, creative beings, and the Jesus stories show us just how powerful we can be when we are tuned into God, into the frequency that brings out and lifts us into our Christ consciousness. We’re so powerful, in fact, that we can topple abusive and oppressive institutions. We’re so powerful we can end hunger and homelessness. We’re so powerful we can completely change the world. And truthfully, all it takes, quite literally, is changing our minds. Yes, God does the heavy lifting, because it is God we’re tuning into. But we have to change the channel first, and tune into the ever-present broadcast of God’s love.

Meditation: I tune into your higher consciousness, asking for nothing other than to know I am connected, for it is through connecting that we change the world. Amen.

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