Tuning into the Christ frequency, part 3

The advances in nanotechnology have revealed a universe more harmonized than we previously imagined. This is important for those of us on spiritual journeys. We tend to think in terms of the “physical” world and the “spiritual” world. The “Parable of the Ten Virgins” is a warning about getting so caught up in the physical world that we miss the bigger picture. This is good advice but we’ve had this dualistic mindset about spirit v. physical for a long, long time. My molecular table story is meant to remind us that there is no separation of the physical from the spiritual. Everything is One, and everything is created out of One. The spiritual is the physical. The unseen is the seen. We can’t see the individual molecules in a table vibrating wildly. To us, there is a solid, stable table on which to place our stuff (which also appears solid, but is actually billions of wildly vibrating molecules). But everything solid and seen is created out of stuff that’s moving and unseen. Including you and me.

Jesus, as the Christ, represents the intersection of the seen and unseen, the harmonization of physical matter when it consciously exists with knowledge and acceptance of its engine of creation. Jesus is what humans look like when they are vibrating wildly with spiritual energy. We are changed. We become accepting and 
loving and inclusive. We are all the result of wildly vibrating molecules—the engines of God, and we all have the ability to become more consciously aware of our loving, energetic state of being.

Consciousness and being conscious play massively important roles in our awakening and tuning into the Christ frequency. Once we become aware of the idea that we are more than we have been led to believe, we can’t help but think about it. That simple act of awareness and consciously chewing over what it might mean to exist on a higher vibrational level speeds up our molecular being. Remember the story of Jesus’ transfiguration, how Peter, John and James see him shining like a bright, white light (Matthew 17)? If that isn’t a parable about vibrating at a higher frequency, I don’t know what is. Yes, traditional exegetes will say it is a resurrection story retrojected into the life of Jesus, but traditional exegetes completely miss the fact that the Jesus stories are parables about spiritual development—about human development, about, dare I say it, human evolution.

We are on a trajectory to an entirely new and transcendent human existence, one of peace, compassion, and universal acceptance of everyone as brothers and sisters; children of God all, God incarnate all, whether we call ourselves Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, or simply human being. But a new, more enlightened world requires our participation. We must work to break free from the old ideas that there is a single, limited way to God, that all dogs go to Heaven but lots of people go to Hell, and that our being is finite. The Infinite One is within us, and the more we become aware of God within, the more excitedly the trillions and trillions of molecules that make us who we are begin to vibrate, until we all glow with the white-hot love of the Christ frequency.

Meditation: Light me up, God whose light shines brightly from within us all! Amen.

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