Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places, Part 3

Often, we undertake our search for love out of fear. We’re afraid to be alone, to die alone, to be alone with our thoughts. We’re afraid of people, because we’ve been taught to distrust everyone. Entertainment reinforces the notion that everyone is out to get us. Business people and politicians are portrayed as ruthless, power hungry jerks who will stomp on everyone on their way to the top of whatever heap they’re climbing. We’re seldom reminded that climbing to the top of the heap still leaves us at the top of a heap—a smoking, smoldering, steaming, stinking pile of heap.

I think our popular media shows a disproportionate amount of the worst of us. If aliens are watching our broadcasts, they’re probably staying as far away from us as possible. We are spreading our fear throughout the universe, like a plague. Discontent with destroying our planet because we’re too afraid of each other to share, we send electronic signals throughout the Milky Way, so the first impression another civilization will have of us is as a species that will shoot first and ask questions later. Worse, we might come and invade their planet, wipe them all out, and claim its resources for ourselves. Too bad the Native Americans didn’t have television before the Europeans arrived on the shores of the “New” world (which of course was only “new” from the European perspective).

But I digress.

There is only one way to overcome fear, and our idiotic idea that power, money and stuff can eliminate fear from our lives. We must concentrate on our spiritual evolution. We must consciously begin to think about what we are in a very different way. We’re more than meatbags. We are advanced beings of love, and as such we have everything we ever need or ever will need. It’s already been provided; we’re just too possessed by fear to see the abundance that’s all around us. We’re too blinded by fear to see that we are all human beings, all deserving of love, all capable of giving love. Fear is destroying our planet and our species. 
As we make spiritual progress, we begin to realize that this constant desire and grab for money and power is an attempt to fill a primeval longing for love. Rich or poor, we long to feel comfort and security. We mistakenly think comfort and security come from wealth and power. That is a fear-fueled lie. The simple act of sharing bread with our neighbor brings more comfort and security than all the (stolen) money on Wall Street. Love conquers our fear of lack and limitation. Love prevents us from stealing what is not ours. Love helps us realize none of this is ours.

There is no fear in love (1 John 4:18). In fact, the perfect love we experience when we begin to sense our Oneness with the Universal Consciousness that is God drives away all fear. Our intimate union with God is the only experience that can fill our ancient sense of longing, bringing us contentment and peace, once and for all.

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