Quantum Connections and the Infinite Eternal, part 1

We are not alone. We are part of a vast, interconnected system. There is no individual action that does not in some way affect the entire system and the other beings participating in the system.

For example, when we purchase a banana at the store, it is the end of a chain of events that began with the planting of a banana tree. It is also the beginning of a new chain of events that will affect everything from the number of bananas produced, to the salary paid to someone harvesting bananas. This is interconnection on a macro scale: the very large scale in which we exist.

This macro connection is a reflection of the interconnection occurring in the quantum world, the unfathomably small scale that interacts to create all our macro stuff. When we look at the way particles exist at the quantum level, we can begin to get a feel for the way we are all interconnected at the macro level. In fact, the idea of 
quantum entanglement could profoundly change the way we think about what it means to exist in this or any reality. Ultimately, our understanding of quantum entanglement should change our perception of reality altogether.

The basic idea is that some particles become entangled in such as way that they can no longer be considered separate. Furthermore, whatever happens to one particle will happen to the other, even though vast distances might separate the two particles. This phenomenon freaked Einstein out, and he concluded that there simply must be something wrong with quantum theory. He famously called the effect “spooky action at a distance.” The idea that changing the spin of a particle in Austin could affect an entangled particle in Zurich was absurd to him. Yet, experiment after experiment has proven that indeed, the particles that form all large-scale matter are in fact often entangled with other particles across the globe. These experiments have been performed on a variety of particles, and even with multi-particle objects the size of small diamonds.

So, there are billions and billions of entangled particles creating every human being. In an extremely intrinsic way, we are connected with each other. In a profound way, the things we do to ourselves affect others across the globe. We often use interconnection as a macroeconomic ideal for fair trade, and this is a massively important idea. Too many people around the world are abused by corporate greed. Our friends in Immokalee are examples of what happens when our interconnection is ignored for the economic benefit of a few. Yet, the idea we are entangled at a sub molecular level is more than a socioeconomic ideal.

I think the idea of quantum entanglement is what the ancients were trying to describe when they spoke of God as the breath of all things. Every atom of our body is forever entangled with the substance of God. Our responsibility to each other and our planet, all the issues we read our ancestors wrestling with in the Bible and other ancient texts, become even more important and life-changing once we realize we’re more than responsible for each other. We are each other. Jesus said, “One day you will realize that I am in God, and you are in me, and I am in you” (John 14:20).

This single, profound realization should help us all live and act more consciously aware of our connection to God, and through that God-connection with each other. And once we begin to realize that eternal connection, hopefully we begin to tread more lightly, more gently, and more lovingly in this massively small world.

Meditation: Awaken me to my deep spiritual connection to all existence, and to You, the Quantum Fundamental that ties us all together. Amen.

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